The 10 most consumed beverages in the world

Today, we will talk about the 10 most consumed drinks in the world. We will not question the water, because it is part of the preparation of practically all the drinks. But it is worth mentioning that water in natura is the most consumed liquid in the world.

The drinks we have on the market nowadays, are the result of the most varied mixtures. Besides, nobody survives without some kind of hydration. People have the need to keep themselves hydrated and they end up directing to the most varied options that we have available, such as teas, coffee, juices, among others.

Below we are going to show the 10 drinks that have highlight on the worldwide consume.

Maternal Milk

Breast milk is the source of health that “Mothers” produce during pregnancy, and offer to their children after birth. It is a drink where newborns find everything they need to stay strong and healthy during their arrival to the “outside” world.

With an approximate number of more than 130 million births worldwide every year, feeding several and several times a day, breast milk is one of the most consumed beverages.


It is a kind of meal that is mostly composed of water. It is accompanied by other ingredients such as meat, chicken, vegetables and other options, the soup is often recommended by doctors in the treatment of some diseases since it is a light food and capable of containing important nutrients, depending on the ingredients that are in its preparation.

In other occasions, the broth or soup serves as a starter for other meals. Some restaurants adopt this option.

Energy drink, or “energy drinks” as they are known

Energetics are composed of stimulating substances, which have as their purpose, to stimulate or increase the mental and physical capacity of people.

You can find this type of beverages with or without gas, with the addition of sugars or not, and with the addition of some herbs and amino acids as well. People are increasingly trying to increase their performance in physical activities, at work or on other occasions, and seek this type of beverage such help.


Vodka is a very traditional distilled drink in Eastern Europe. Today, vodka is the distilled beverage that dominates the United States market. It occupies this level for its ease in combining with other beverages that are served in any situation.

Even if it is pure drink, it is still the favorite of thousands of people. Whether on the rocks or without, with flavor or without, it is, without a doubt, one of the population’s favorite drinks!


Without a doubt, it is one of the oldest drinks in the world. It is an alcoholic beverage, produced from grape juice. With a totally natural chemical balance, the grapes ferment without the addition of sugars, enzymes, water, or any other additional.

You can find the wines in 2 colors: red or white, and with the presence of alcohol or not. It is a worldwide known and very popular drink, and the price of a bottle of wine can vary drastically in relation to its origin.


Leader in the world soft drink segment, the Coca-Cola company also offers other types of beverages such as soft drinks and juices, but without a doubt, its Coca-Cola beverage is the most popular and sold.

It is a cola soda, caffeine, flavorings and other components, which result in a flavor that conquers a large part of the world population, placing the beverage among the most consumed in the world.


Beers are produced from the fermentation of cereals, mainly malted types. The flavors and types are the most varied, and their types of preparation also, resulting in a very refreshing drink with a relatively affordable price for all types of consumers.

It is one of the most traditional requests in parties, bars, confraternizations and in several other situations. Here in Brazil, we consume the beer very cold, but in other places of the world, as in Germany, for example, the beers are consumed at room temperature. Therefore, beer occupies the fourth place in the consumption of beverages in the world.

Orange Juice

The orange juice is the number 1 juice among the other various flavors we can find. It is made, simply, by the juice that is extracted from the orange when squeezing the fruit. It is worldwide known for carrying an enormous amount of Vitamin C, and it is by the gigantic consume of the orange juice, where the world population ingests greater quantity of such vitamin, according to specialists.

Orange is already sweetened, but many people prefer to put sugar aside. Orange with acerola, orange with papaya, orange with lemon or just orange: it’s a sweetheart that occupies the 3rd place in our list!


Tea is a drink that is usually prepared by infusing leaves, roots and plants, which are dipped in hot water or boiling. Nowadays, we also find teas that must be prepared in cold waters, the famous Ice Tea.

To be classified as tea, the drink must be made with leaves of Camellia sinensis.

It is a drink that can have an immense variety of flavors. Teas are well known for their health benefits: weight loss, sleep quality, metabolism acceleration, among others.

Because of the size benefits it brings us, it ends up being the second most consumed drink in the world. There are places, as in England, that is tradition the drink in the afternoon and with a little milk “English Tea” – what collaborates and much for it to be one of the most consumed drinks in the world.


At last, the first place! Prepared from roasted beans (from the seed of the coffee tree fruit – a bush), it is a drink consumed all over our planet.

The flavors of coffee vary according to the origin of the beans, the variety, how it is grown, post-harvest, roasting, grinding, among other factors. Currently, more than 40 countries cultivate coffee.

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of Arabica coffee (46 million bags, estimated for 2018), followed by Colombia (14.5 million bags).

The coffee is consumed several times a day by a single person, traditionally hot, and can be consumed alone or combined with other beverages such as milk and chocolate.

It also accompanies the most diverse meals throughout the day of most of the population. Unanimity in almost all tables around the world, be it in residences, restaurants, bars or coffee shops.

The United States is the largest coffee consumer in the world (disregarding the European Union as a block), followed closely by Brazil.

For sure, you’ve already gone out for a coffee with a friend or waited for that warm cheese bread just to have a cup of coffee.

Studies point out that the simple fact of smelling the coffee makes the person happier, especially in the morning. And, with so many good reasons, it is no wonder that it is the most consumed beverage in the world!

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