Best Non-alcoholic Drinks You Should Try!

Best Non-alcoholic Drinks

Clearly, I can’t speak for all people who don’t drink alcohol, but if one thing is certain, it’s that those of us who don’t drink alcohol have always had it a little tougher when it comes to going to the bar to enjoy a delicious, refreshing drink.

While cocktail and wine menus are always full of alcoholic options, we had to make do with ordering water, a natural juice, or at best a soda!

However, thanks to the fitness culture, all this has started to change to such an extent that even the top bartending establishments have started to include delicious non-alcoholic cocktails on their menus.

Non-alcoholic Drinks To Order at the Bar

Whether you’re taking a break from alcoholic beverages or you’re enjoying the most of sharing with your friends in a bar without the need to drink alcohol, these drinks will undoubtedly be your favorites from now on!

San Pellegrino Sanbitter

If you’re making zero-proof mixes and want to mimic the flavor of classic cocktails, you should definitely try this one, It’s almost like tasting a Campari but without a drop of alcohol.

It’s a pretty simple drink that consists of mixing a little Sanbitter, Seedlip Grove, and some pineapple shrub that you can make at your own place!

Shirley Temple

It’s still possible to find non-alcoholic drinks in bars that remind you of fun times when you were just a little kid. The Shirley Temples was designed by Emilia Aiello to have a cozy, old-school flavor thanks to homemade grenadines and simple lemon syrups.

Virgin Mojito

Cool and refreshing, Mojitos are a favorite drink during the warm months. They’re made with white wine instead of rum, so they’re much easier to make and serve, and because they contain no alcohol, they’re also perfect for kids’ parties.

Simple lime juice, sugar syrup, and mint leaves are mixed together, then poured into glasses filled with crushed ice. To add a little extra zing, try serving them with a splash of club soda.


This healthy kombucha mocktail is made with fresh lemon juice, cucumber, mint leaves, and berry flavors. It’s a playful take on a Moscow Mule usually made with lime and gin, but I swapped out the booze for fresh lemon juice.

It was a perfect summertime cocktail for my rooftop hangout with this gorgeous Boursin cheese board. It’s been an especially warm week here, so this cold and refreshing beverage was just what I needed to cool down.

Mulled Cider

Warm and aromatic, my mulled apple cider can be made on the stovetop or in a slow cooker (Crock Pot). Ready in as little as 30 minutes; it’s a delicious way to warm up on a cool day. With healthy apple juice and aromatic spices, this mulled cider recipe is non-alcoholic, so it’s perfect for the whole family.

Ginger Shots

The simple combination of ginger, lemon, and honey is sure to put some pep in your step. This quick and easy recipe doesn’t require a juicer simply whirl everything up in a blender and strain.

It’s far cheaper than buying it at the store, and you can customize the flavor to your liking. Increase the lemon juice if you like and adjust the honey to your taste or omit it altogether.


Staying sober never tasted so good! Give alcohol a break and the next time you go to a bar with your friends, insist they to try these delicious non-alcoholic cocktails that you saw at Woodhavenhouse, no doubt they will appreciate it and enjoy it a lot!